Heavy Industry

Construction of new lines and machines

SABO has a technical team, which studies client needs and offers solutions and applications based on the nature of the product and the optimization of the overall production process.

The Heavy Industry sector covers the study, design, construction, installation and operation of innovative machines and new lines, based on the needs of each industry. In addition, solutions are offered to upgrade the existing lines to increase productivity and optimize safety.


Categories of handling, processing and transportation systems:

  • Roller conveyors

  • Belt conveyors

  • Chain conveyors

  • Wrapping machines

  • Air transfer systems

  • Deviator systems

  • Filtration & pollination systems

  • Grippers

  • Cartesian transferring systems

  • Elevators

  • Funnels

  • Silos

  • Homogeneous Kilns

  • Shuttle cars

  • Special structures


Indicative completed projects:

  • Expansion of homogeneous kiln for billets.

  • Construction and installation of a shuttle car for billets (70 tons capacity), for feeding of an homogeneous kiln.

  • New line for feeding wrapping machines with aluminium rolls.

  • New line for recycling aluminium scrap.

  • New line for transferring aluminium rolls.

  • New line for packaging aluminium rolls.

  • New line for cutting aluminium rolls.

  • Wrapping machine for aluminium rolls.

  • Construction and installation of Filtration systems.

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