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Clay Analysis & Laboratory Services​

The study of raw material and additives constitutes one of the most important parameters for every heavy clay project and requires a serious & continuous research for every market.

Our laboratory has been certified and collaborates with the National Technical University of Athens to ensure accurate results and targeted proposals. Our services can be categorized as follows:


Raw material Clay analysis

In order to ensure the best possible quality of the provided services, SABO laboratory either receives a necessary quantity of samples of the available raw material and additives from the customer, or sends experts to the client’s site to collect samples, examine the quarries, solve problems and propose new mixtures for better quality results.

The main targets of this study are:

  • Evaluating the raw materials and additives for quality products.

  • Ensuring correct dimensions of product and proper saleable appearance.

  • Predicting problems related to unwanted aftereffects that arise after the manufacturing process.

  • High productivity by studying the appropriate throughput times (drying, firing etc.).

  • Informing the customer on specific clay properties.

  • Determining consumption.


Lightweight products and porosification agents in ceramic mass

After the laboratory research of local base materials, our company has the experience to propose additives or materials during the production process to adjust the product properties. With this process, material quality can be stabilized, and costs can be reduced.

The key topics of the study are:

  • Thermal & acoustical properties.

  • Color and appearance.

  • Problem solving related to process environment.

  • Drying and firing sensitivity.

  • Mechanical properties of final product.

Geological study​

The knowledge of the raw materials deposit is critical for every heavy clay project. Analyzing raw materials, studying their suitability and the size calculation of the deposit are the main topics of our study. We conduct deposit analyses and assessments, employing both traditional and modern methods.

In the scope of our geological services are included:

  • Drilling works and sampling.

  • Raw material assessment.

  • Geological mapping of deposits.

  • Deposit size calculation and mining study.

  • Mining study implementation.


Insulation properties of ceramic products and masonry walls

The thermal performance of clay bricks can be modeled directly using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations or using a simplified method based on EN 1745, EN ISO 10211:2007 and EN ISO 6946 standards.

The acoustic performance of clay bricks and masonry walls can be modeled directly related to DIN 4109-32.

Factory Audit

Solutions for increased efficiency.


Our experts visit your factory and record vital information of your process environment.  We examine all the crucial process factors using our long experience on the field and the latest diagnostic technologies.

We advise customers though analytic studies on:

  • Upgrades of dryer and kiln for higher efficiency.

  • Optimization of existing manufacturing process.

  • Plant management.

  • Improvement of product portfolio.

  • Spare parts and maintenance.

  • Energy saving.

Process environment simulation.


Dryer & Kiln upgrade studies

By analyzing kiln and dryer data, we can propose solutions that improve product quality, energy consumption and overall efficiency. We focus on analyzing and improving:

  • The kiln and dryer ventilation (hot air supply, humid aspirators, kiln exhaust, kiln recovery, dryer internal ventilation etc.).

  • The Kiln and dryer burners operation.

  • The Energy consumption at the drying and firing process. 

  • The kiln thermal recovery.  

  • The drying and firing process on different product types

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