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Another project was completed for General Shale!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

We are happy to announce the completion of the installation of the new slug-pushing system at General Shale's plant in Michigan.

A few months ago, our partner gave the Heavy Clay SABO’s team a project to manufacture and install a pushing system to change the slug’s direction before the existing cutter.

Our challenge:

The project had to finish in 5 days!

The work included: disassembling existing machinery, installation of new equipment, electrical works, and programming.

The result:

A detailed schedule was prepared and followed strictly so we succeeded in delivering it on time. The line was open and able to run at full speed on the third day! 💯

Through the excellent close collaboration between the two companies, and our USA Representative Reymond Products International, the team performed all the mechanical & electrical installations and cold tests in two days.

A big “Thank you” to our partner, General Shale, and all the people from the plant that worked closely with us and for trusting SABO in this challenging project.

We look forward to our next cooperation!


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