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Commissioning of a new turnkey plant in Yemen, Middle East.

Our teams have been commissioned a new turnkey project in Yemen!

As in all our turnkey projects, we engineered, manufactured, procured, and installed the complete plant, in this case, a medium capacity plant able to produce 500 tons of bricks and blocks per day.

The fully automatic factory, one of our latest technology, is able to produce the whole range of perforated and load bearing blocks that are used in the region.

Installing and starting up such a plant was a major challenge for us. Key members of our technical teams together with carefully selected competent local teams cooperated closely to perform the difficult task of installing an A-to-Z plant, within the COVID19 pandemic, in an area that is difficult to both access and work.

Close selection and involvement of both SΑΒΟ team members and local teams, appropriate supervising and exchange of information were crucial for the task at hand!

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