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In SABO Marine Services, ever since our establishment in 2021, we have been providing our customers all over the world with specialized, high-quality services, designed to support and enhance fleet’s performance, through an advanced and holistic approach, paying attention to detail. Our team of Engineers are not simply another crew of technicians performing overhauls and repairs: they aim to serve your needs, collect and analyze all information and data in order to propose optimum solutions.

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What we do:

2-Stroke Low Speed Propulsion Engines Maintenance

Pneumatic system, Chain drive, Fuel system, Cylinder Oil system, ECS system, UPS system, Hydraulic system, Lube Oil system, Bearings check and renewal, Piston Units, Exhaust System for all engine types of all manufacturers, both electronic & conventional.

2-Stroke Low Speed Propulsion Engines Troubleshooting & Consultation

Inspections, Annual Inspections, Intermediate Inspections, Docking Inspections & Testing, including full crankcase inspection, including bearings open-up & pins/journals dress-up. Call & e-mail support 24/7 for any urgent case (load up issues, slowdowns issues, shutdowns issues, alarms issues).

2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts for all types of engines, including safety stock, and electronic parts (e.g., MPC, MCU, BCU).

Engines’ Performance Remote Services

In-house software performance evaluation analysis, including trends. Evaluation of Cylinder condition, HCU events, COCOS, PMI, including consultation etc.

Ship’s Electrical & Automation Products & Services

Turn-key solutions for main and automation electrical boards, marine automation solutions including PLC’s and drives, upgrades (RETROFIT) of equipment using new technology, troubleshooting and inspection of maneuvering systems, onboard troubleshooting for electrical systems, genuine spare parts.

Technical Trainings, Seminars and Webinars

ME-C, ME-B, ME-GI, HCU Events Analysis, Performance Evaluation, Cylinder Condition, Alpha lube and customized products as per your needs all around the field of the propulsion engine.

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Areas of expertise:

  • Electronic engines hydraulic system (O/H, inspection, troubleshooting).

  • Electronic engines ECS system (software evaluation, communication testing, cabling inspection, troubleshooting).

  • Large repairs (repairing & O/H works of crankshafts, camshafts, main bearings, x-head bearings).

  • Cylinder condition monitoring (LDM measurements, cylinder condition inspection, replica analysis, feed rate evaluation, wear & condition assessment, consultation & recommendations).

  • Performance monitoring & evaluation through our “Nireas” advanced performance platform.

  • Pneumatic system (conventional & electronic engines).

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Why cooperate with SABO Marine Services:

  • Our holistic approach: full review of any respective data and history (maintenance logs, performance records, alarm history logs, persistent issues etc.) precedes all works, enabling us to identify and investigate underlying issues under tight deadlines.

  • Troubleshooting Remote Services: Provide solutions in real time, helping avoid dangerous and expensive stoppages.

  • Complete M/E Drydockings, all the way to the sea trials. Proper tuning of the M/E during sea trials, and consulting/briefing vessel’s crew on critical matters regarding vessel’s optimum performance.

  • Knowledge & understanding of electronics engines ECS & hydraulic systems.

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What we recommend:

Proactive engineering: perform a health check of main engine, especially before upcoming drydocks or inspections, saving time and ensuring safety and optimum performance.


  • Crankcase inspection.


  • Cylinder condition monitoring (LDM measurements & inspection).


  • Cylinder lubrication system inspection.


  • HPS & ECS System inspection for electronic engines.

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Contact us


Head of Division

Vasileios Kois

+30 6932702760


Technical Manager

Angelos Georgiopoulos

+30 6936739365


Administration Manager

Theoni Athanasiou

+30 6936037969


Sales Dpt.

Manos Boumpoulis

+30 6936779758


Technical Dpt.


Troubleshooting Field Superintendent Engineer

Evangelos Trigonis

+30 6936861427


Troubleshooting Field Senior Service Engineer

Nikolaos Xenos

+30 6936749814


Troubleshooting Field Senior Service Engineer

Marios Liapis

+30 6936726329


Troubleshooting Field Senior Service Engineer

Nikolaos Vythoulkas

+30 6936668487


Spare Parts Dpt.

+30 6936843248

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