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Programming services PLCs and robotics


Members of our experienced technical team are ready to undertake your scheduled robot maintenance service.

Service Description

  • Grease replacement in reducers, bearings and balancer.

  • Batteries replacement in mechanical unit and controller unit.

  • General robot usage control.

  • Mechanical unit internal cables visual inspection.

  • Controller unit internal cables visual inspection.

  • Controller unit fans control cleaning.

  • Vibrations, noise and overheating motor control.

  • Brake control on every axis.



We supply a real-time flexible system taking full advantage of modern technology.

  • Automatic Regulation module is capable to regulate all the critical analog and digital points of control, live and in real time.

  • Historical Data of the process are stored in unlimited amount for display and comparing.

  • Alarm signaling and process events can be sorted in 24 groups of interest and critical level.

  • Real 3D presentation gives easy walkthrough in plant for easy understanding of equipment and process.

  • Special module for visual indication of the status of the motors and analogue measured values.


Kiln and Dryer management

  • Control of the mixing ventilators and all the kiln’s and dryer’s ventilators (hot air supply, humid aspirators, kiln exhaust, kiln recovery, etc.).

  • Control of the dryer’s and kiln’s burners (control of the energy consumption).

  • Control of energy consumption and optimization of drying and firing process. 

  • Control of the hot air supply by the kiln (control of the energy supply).  

  • Control of the drying and firing process (allowing different profiles).

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