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A new subdivision is on the way!

Updated: Oct 30

We’re happy to share that SABO Marine Services is preparing to launch a new "Power & Automation" subdivision.

Power & Automation Subdivision

Our high-end production facilities in Vassiliko, Chalkis, provide the ideal conditions for "Power & Automation” board manufacturing. At the same time, our experienced technicians will complete the service pack through installation & commissioning, and other tasks required.

Indicatively, the services include:

  • Power Supply and Distribution Boards’ Manufacturing / Installation Commissioning

  • Automation Boards’ Manufacturing / Programming / Installation / Commissioning

  • Onboard troubleshooting

  • Relevant Spare Parts Supply

Our ever-growing portfolio aims to expand our services and expertise in many more areas of interest, even beyond the vessel’s engine room, and meet our clients’ requirements!

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