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Cemacon Srl in Romania gets an upgraded form!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Sabo has recently upgraded the main plant of Cemacon Srl, one of the largest brick makers in Romania — the upgrade aimed at a significant increase in the production capacity and the handling of new thermal-insulating blocks.

Through close cooperation, Cemacon and SABO studied and identified the actual bottlenecks of every production process to improve the efficiency of the existing plants.

Specifically, the works concerned:

  • Replace the unloading system of the dryer frame with two high-capacity robots.

  • Improvements and use of modern techniques to the faster brick production process.

  • Upgrades in the firing process (extension of tunnel kiln and flexibility of setting machine) incorporated into the existing SABO kiln automatic regulation system.

  • Flexibility in the kiln car loading system

The project concluded successfully and on time!

Thank you Cemacon for trusting us! We look forward to our next cooperation!


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