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Completion of a technological line for the Compost Refinement Plant!

The SABO Environmental sector of the SABO S.A. company has completed the design and construction of a new Compost Refinement Plant for the facilities of the client IREN GROUP in Italy.

Specifically, the new line consists of a dosing feeder that has a specially designed drum system for the breaking and dosing of the compost, two Rotary Drum Screens, chain conveyors, and belt conveyors.

The compost that arrives from the Bio cells is then transported via conveying systems at the first Drum Screen defined as "Intermediate" consisting of a Ø 2,500 mm wide, 8,000 mm long rotating screen with a productivity of 35 tons/h. The screened material is loaded onto a special chain conveyor system that feeds the secondary Drum Screen, defined as “Refining” (with similar dimensions as the first one) which separates the fine compost from the oversized fraction with a productivity of 15 tons/h.

The resulting compost is of high quality with an optimal screening output. The line is managed by two electrical control panels designed and built in SABO, which control all the equipment of the supplied line, alarms, and any problems that may occur during the line work cycle.

The plant was supplied to the customer with the "turnkey" method, consisting of design, construction, transportation, mechanical, and electrical/electronic installation.


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