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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The experienced team of the Power & Automation sector of SABO successfully upgraded the electrical installations of the company SKAG, based in Krioneri, Attica.

The two companies, members of the initiative ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ, collaborated to align SKAG's electrical installations according to the new current regulations.

After the implementation of the appropriate measurements and checks, there was the need to replace many electrical panels. Thus, to complete the work, SABO engineers carried out studies, designs for construction and installation:

✔ 12 LV Main Distribution Panel 160A to 630A

✔ 31 LV Final Distribution Panel 20A to 80A As part of the finish of the project, the disconnection and dismantling of the old equipment and the installation of new equipment were required!

* All the works were carried out within the defined schedule, while all the necessary documents of the project were submitted to DEDDIE.


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