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The project for Melco Petroleum S.A. was completed!

Updated: Jul 5

Specifically, the project concerned the lubricants company, Melco Petroleum S.A. The Power & Automation section took over the modernization and upgrading of the handling system and the dosing and mixing of raw materials. Our experienced team was responsible for the total supervision of the extensive electromechanical installation.

The above actions included the placement of the following in a revamped control room:

  • Electric control panel

  • An automation cabinet

  • Two workstations

  • One monitor for a continuous overview of the system

Must note: At the heart of the system is a PLC Siemens of the latest generation S7-1500, SCADA software WinCC TIA and special management software, SQL database, developed by SABO SA.

All the new systems are developed and constructed according to the customer’s requirements and instructions to meet the production and quality control guidelines.

Τhis project was achieved thanks to the excellent cooperation of SABO engineers and Melco people to sort out and replace old electrical equipment and install new sensors. In addition, the system has already been operating for 2 months with the main advantages:

  • Fault-free operation

  • Documented operation with recording and control of all movements

  • Full supervision of an extensive electromechanical installation

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