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Robotic Palletizing project by SABO!

The expert team of the Industrial Solutions sector offered innovative solutions tailored to the client's needs.

Specifically, our engineers designed an automatic robotic palletizing system for 25Kgr bags, with a 4-axis FANUC robotic arm specially designed for palletizing applications.

The solution consists of:

  1. Automatic feeding of empty pallets through destacker.

  2. Pallet roller conveying equipment.

  3. A system with a roller for flattening the bags before picking from the robot.

  4. Robotic Arm, with specially designed gripper for smooth and quick bag loading on the pallet.

  5. Automatic stretch wrapping machine with top sheet dispenser.

  6. Buffer chain conveyor for the exit of ready pallets.

  7. Complete safety system.

  8. Control system with HMI for the supervision and the parameterization of the system.

The line was totally tested on our premises, in the presence of our customer, before the final delivery.

Because for SABO, success is your trust!

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