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FAT testing for Unilever!

Updated: May 4, 2022

Unilever trusts again SABO S.A for the study, design and construction of an automatic pallet feeding system for empty bottles on their production lines.

The automation solution includes:

  • 7 new pallet feeding lines for pallet transportation through roller conveyors, able to keep buffer of the pallets on the lines.

  • An additional line for transporting and exiting of empty pallets to be picked up by the forklift operator.

  • The special designed shuttle car with side pneumatic product holding mechanism, ensuring pallet stability as well as uninterrupted and secure product supply.

  • Special designed configurable automation program enabling the selection of the specific production line that will serve each of the 7 palletizing lines.

The complete system was fully tested in our premises before its final delivery, in the presence of our customer, ensuring its proper operation and safety and fulfilling the strictest specifications in an environment of high-speed production.


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