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New Robotic Palletizing for Dairy Industry!

Here is our fully automatic handling equipment & robotic palletizing for carton trays with yogurt cups just delivered for one of the largest dairy producers in Greece!

It handles products of different dimensions and different packaging type with automatic changeover!

Our new robotic palletizing system consists of:

  • Carton Tray Stacker mechanism, automatic adjustable for the different sizes of each product.

  • 6 axis robotic arm able to also grip the carton interlayer.

  • Specially designed gripper for receiving the carton trays & carton interlayers.

  • Inox electrical control board with high-definition HMI installed for easy supervision of the system.

Also, specially designed roller conveyors are installed for the feeding of empty pallets and exiting of ready ones to be picked up by the forklift operator.

The appropriate Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), which is prioritized in each of our projects, was carried out with absolute success, in the presence of our partner, to ensure that our product meets all the necessary requirements before its delivery!


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