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Power Automation & IT Departments have developed a one-of-a-kind energy management platform!

The Power Automation team and SABO’s IT Department created a unique energy management platform for a large Building Facilities Management Company.

The goal was to record energy consumption in an IoT environment using Siemens meters and PLCs installed by our company to achieve complete control of the facilities and ensure efficient operation based on saving.

Energy management platform

The platform's capabilities include # real-time recording of various metrics (such as voltage, energy consumption, and current) received from PLCs for individual meters. Additionally, it offers numerous advanced functions and features to further analysis processes.

General Features:

• Recording various quantities (voltage, energy consumption, current, etc.) in a live format for each meter.

• Logging of real-time readings specific to each meter by a bar chart illustrating the power consumption for each day of the previous week.

• Pie charts with total energy consumption per building and building floor in a live broadcast.

• Real-time analysis of building and floor consumption presented through price breakdowns and graphical representations for each floor and individual meter.

Users can easily generate common charts for specific dates and times, with a variety of chart types (such as line and bar graphs) and flexible sampling intervals (ranging from daily to seconds).

• Graph between selected dates of energy consumption with the option of choosing a building, floor, meter category, graph type, sampling (per day, per month), and sorting results.

• Export the results of the above graphs to an Excel sheet

Key points of the management platform:

  • Record energy consumption with various usage, such as kilowatt-hour billing per building, floor, and type of meter.

  • Historical recording of sizes on selected dates and export of results to Excel for further processing and storage.

  • Control for problems and unusual behavior, such as sudden current/voltage changes.

  • User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that enhances communication and interaction within the application.

  • Adaptability to various facilities with different sizes and requirements.


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