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Relocation of 2nd assembly line, for a big Aluminium Extrusion industry!

Updated: May 16

The experienced team of our SABO General Industry Division completed the relocation of 2nd assembly line, for a major Greek Aluminium Extrusion Industry!

Project Scope: Electromechanical dismantling of the existing line and the installation in the new location in the main industrial facilities of the company.

The works concerned:

  • Mechanical and electrical dismantling of the existing line, log heater, log hot shear, extrusion press, run out and cooling table, stretcher, basket stacker, and aging oven.

  • Marking cables, preventive maintenance, and repositioning part of the existing line.

  • Surveying measurements for the installation of the line.

  • Mechanical and electrical installation of the line.

  • Trial operation.

Our top priority is to deliver tailored solutions - adapted to the customer's needs - ensuring maximum performance and productivity with all the necessary safety and quality requirements!


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