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Relocation of the assembly line for a Greek Aluminium Extrusion Company!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The relocation of the assembly line for a major Greek Aluminium Extrusion Company has been completed successfully!

The specialized team of SABO S.A. accomplished the electromechanical dismantling of the existing line and the installation in the new location in the main industrial facilities of the company.

The work that was done pertained to:

  • Mechanical and electrical dismantling of the existing line, log heater, log hot shear, extrusion press, run out and cooling table, stretcher, basket stacker, and aging oven.

  • Marking of cables, preventive maintenance, and repositioning part of the existing line.

  • Surveying measurements for the installation of the line.

  • Mechanical and electrical installation of the line.

  • Trial operation.

We provide comprehensive solutions that meet the customer's needs while adhering to the highest safety standards, all within the specified schedule.

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