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Updated: Jul 1

Giving "Breath" to the Environment!

SABO ENVIRONMENTAL Team participated for a consecutive year as a sponsor in the 16th International Symposium of Solid Waste Management FODSA, on the "Environment & Climate Change (PEKA) 2021 - 2027" program!

Symposium FODSA

The Symposium held in Chania, Crete from June 20-22, 2024, focused on the examination of contemporary needs and responsibilities, such as:

• Conversion of Mechanical Biological Treatment Facilities (MBTs) into Recycling Recovery Units (RRFs)

• Financing of the projects with the proportional financing regime

• Completion of Regional Waste Management Projects

• Implementation of the Circular Economy and redefining goals for waste management in our country.

Embracing an active role in solid waste management and sustainable development, we always practically support actions that contribute to shaping a Green Future!


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