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SABO Group invests in RES and Netmetering!

In the midst of the climate and energy crisis, we dynamically turn to RES utilization through an energy upgrade of our building infrastructure. Before the expiration of 2022, a new Net Metering photovoltaic (PV) station with a maximum capacity of 500 KW has been already installed.

This new Solar Net Metering System comes to be added to earlier investments in electricity production, that is PV parks and solar rooftops with a capacity of 1.5 MW, with our industrial complex acquiring a total capacity of 2 MW.

"The goal of our investment is an energy saving of 60% by 2050 and, thus, our evolution into one of the “greenest” industries in Greece. We have to add value to our customers in Greece & worldwide who have been supporting us steadily for four decades, while offer them high quality products at a low cost", Ms Matina Kiliaris, CEO of SABO Group states.

The new PV park has high level technical specifications with an estimate annual energy production of 705 MWh and a forecasted 2-year payback period. The station was delivered to full operation by our partner, SOLARAGE, who undertook the design, study and supply of the necessary equipment as well as the installation.

Even though we are not an energy intensive industry, investment in RES and the transition to a circular production model stand on the top of our business agenda!


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