SABO Group: Life & Health Insurance Plan for all employees!

With a high sense of responsibility towards our employees, SAGO Group announces the new Life & Health Care Insurance Plan introduced for all its members, aiming at their seamless and without conditions access to high-quality health services!

In particular, the group insurance policy covers for free more than 300 employees and can be extended to their dependent family members, thus enhancing the feeling of safety and security in people they care about. The insurance scheme is provided in collaboration with the Greek insurance company European Reliance and is one of the most complete programs on the market including life and accident insurance, hospital care as well as a broad set of preventive services.

At SABO Group, we consistently invest in building relationships of mutual trust & loyalty with our people, creating a positive workplace culture, as well as improving their living standard. With this initiative, we recognize our people contribution, who have been the driving force behind SABO Group’s development since 1984 until today.