Power & Automation



SABO S.A specializes in industrial automation solutions thanks to its 35 years’ experience in various projects and sectors.

Our skilled engineers and technicians undertake continuous training in new technologies and equipment and apply up-to date methods of design and manufacturing.


Our company offers integrated solutions that include:

  • Analysis of the customer’s requirements and needs.

  • Tailor-made solutions considering all necessary parameters.

  • High-quality study and design, in accordance with the engineering specifications.

  • The implementation of the project from the production to the installation.

  • Testing, Commissioning and Training.

  • Maintenance and technical support.


Below you can see some of the categories of projects we undertake:

  • Automation systems using PLC controllers and Human machine interfaces (HMI) for process control.

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).

  • Robotics programming.

  • Motor’s Control (Power contactors, Soft starters, Frequency converters, DC converters, Servo-drive inverters).

  • Automation and modernization of electromechanical equipment in existing production units.

  • Upgrades of equipment (RETROFIT) and production lines using new technology.

  • Control systems for measurement devices (temperature, humidity, pressure, level, flow, etc.).

  • Weighing, dosing, mixing and handling systems.

  • Wireless data transmission systems.

  • Packaging, marking, palletizing and storage systems.

  • Design and manufacture of automation panels or upgrade of the existing ones.

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