Power & Automation

Low Voltage Panels

SABO S.A manufactures low voltage electrical panels, in accordance with European and international standards and regulations. We provide tailor-made technical solutions, based on the individual requirements and specifications of each project.

Our company is an Eaton licensed panel builder for the manufacturing of the xEnergy Low Voltage Licensable Assemblies. The xEnergy system provides optimum conditions for building infrastructure up to 6300A and complies with the IEC 61439-2 standard. 


SABO S.A is also a licensed panel builder for the manufacturing of MCC’s according to the American Standard UL508A.

The low voltage certified tables depending on the customer's requirements may have internal partitioning from FORM 1 to FORM 4B.


LV switchboards categories:

Power Distribution

  • LV main distribution Switchgears up to 6300 A.

  • LV sub-distribution and final distribution panels.

  • Change-Over switch panels.

  • Automatic reactive power compensation panels.

  • Lighting panels.

MCC and Automation

  • Motor Control Center (Power contactors, Soft starters, Frequency converters, DC converters, Servo-drive inverters).

  • Automation and Control panels (PLC).

  • Control consoles and control boxes.

Feeder Pillar Panels

Panels for Special Applications and Environmental Conditions.

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