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40th «Spartathlon» Ultra-Race 2022: Haris Vakoulas was the 2nd Greek Winner!

We congratulate Mr. Haris Vakoulas for his distinction in the 40th International Spartathlon Ultra Race as well as the strength of soul he showed!

Mr. Vakoulas finished as the 2nd Greek among the 356 ultra-runners from across the globe who started the historic race. Setting of from the foot of Acropolis in Athens and, after a marathon of 247 kilometers, the Greek athlete successfully reached at the Statue of Leonidas in Sparta!

Very proud and honored to be supporting Mr Vakoulas, employee of the police department of Chalkida, who made his effort spending endless hours working for something he loves. At SABO, we strongly support every action that creates shared value and contributes to a better, more sustainable future with health and wellbeing!

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