Inauguration of our new MSW Sorting Plant in Kazakhstan!

Updated: Nov 4

SABO just inaugurated its new Waste Treatment Unit in Kazakhstan ready to serve the whole Municipality of Ust-Kamenogorsk. After the MSW Sorting Plant in Alexandroupolis, this is the second turnkey plant for waste management delivered within 2022, this time outside borders! The inauguration ceremony took place on-site, in the presence of the local authorities and government officials of Kazakhstan as well as SABO representatives.

The modernized sorting unit, with a processing capacity of 100.000 of municipal waste on an annual basis, achieves a recovery rate around 68% over the total recyclables entering the facility. The new unit is fully automatic with both power and automation systems installed, while incorporating the latest trends in waste sorting technologies, that is optical separators to recover valuable recyclables.

The new plant is an expansion of SABO's strong "green" activity in the region, where the company is already manufacturing two more MSW Sorting Plants. This is a project of great environmental importance for Kazakhstan that is expected to accelerate the country's circular economy.