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The Prime Minister at the inauguration of the Mechanical Sorting Plant in Alexandroupolis!

The Waste Treatment Unit of Alexandroupolis was inaugurated yesterday by the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who, during his visit to the area, referred to "the evolutionary cosmogony that is now taking place in Alexandroupolis".

The project was successfully implemented by SABO S.A. on behalf of the contractor company MESOGEOS S.A., and it is the largest infrastructure project of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis with great environmental importance for both the citizens and all Greeks.

The unit will annually process 46,000 tons of mixed municipal solid waste & 6,000 tons of separately collected biowaste, serving the needs of six municipalities of Rodopi & Evros prefectures, that is a total population of 200,000 inhabitants.

The plant is expected to drastically contribute to the waste volume reduction by up to 60%, the creation of 40 new jobs & and the achievement of both qualitative & quantitative objectives of the Regional Waste Management Plant.

The inauguration ceremony was honored by the presence of distinguished guests, including the Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr. Kostas Skrekas, the Deputy Minister of Macedonia & Thrace, Mr. Stavros Kalafatis, the Metropolitan Anthimos of Alexandroupolis, the President of DI.A.A.MA.TH., Mr. Manolis Tsepelis & the General Secretary of Waste Management Coordination, Mr. Manolis Grafakos.

Also, the "present" was given by the President of SABO S.A., Mr. Dimitris Kiliaris, the Head of Environmental Sector, Mr Dimitris Ntais & the CEO of MESOGEOS A.E., Mr. Dionysis Georgopoulos.

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