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It is SABO! And it is Marine!

Almost 500 days after SABO Marine Services’ establishment, we celebrate our break even by concluding 8 ME-C/B dockings, 32 Alpha Lube Services, 17 Health Checks, 12 LDM Services during the last months of 2022, while we have made the next step for 2023 to come!

Our Team has booked five ME-C dockings under agreement with a single customer and has confirmed six more with some leading tanker management companies, all to take place within 2023. Both agreements include our Spare Parts supply, EPL Installation & our trusted after-sales Service.

Finally, the most important thing for us, our Team, is now getting bigger, with three more Service Engineers, two more Coordinators and two Sales Engineers.

We say good-bye to 2022 with a triplet of dockings in Chalkis Shipyard, Varna & Oman for MAN B&W 1x6S50ME-B & 2x6S60ME-C engines.


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