SABO Marine Services: Mission completed in Rotterdam!

Our Team is proud to announce the successful completion of a 24h project regarding M/E‘s Fuel Equipment Overhaul in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The task was extremely challenging due to the time limitation and to the criticality of ship’s safety & maneuverability.

Within 24h our engineers overhauled six pcs of fueloil pumps, six pcs of suction valves, renewed all puncture valves, took measurements of the old plunger/barrels and completed the adjustments and the testing of the main engine.

The following days of the attendance, the next step was to measure the diameters of the cylinder liners, assess the wear rate of the cylinder units, make a thorough scavenge port inspection, evaluate cylinder lubrication, inspect the crankcase/chain drive and, finally, proceed with measurements of deflection and bearings clearances.

A challenging task came to an end by fulfilling our customers’ expectations and at the same time done right.