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Labelling systems installed for the food sector!

We are done with our new project of Labelling Systems, installed for the leading Greek manufacturer in the food sector and, more specifically, for its factory abroad!

The project concerns 7 automated & high-speed label applying systems, intended for 24/7 operation & installed on respective automated flow pack machines plus our specially designed support equipment systems, placed on board the packaging machines.

Answering the ever-growing demands of the food industry, we provide A-to-Z solutions in the areas of packaging, labelling, weighing, and monitoring, through specialized software applications and modernized equipment for both Greek and abroad markets.

Our clients choose us for our:

· Tailor made solutions, designed & manufactured on demand.

· Constant Τraining.

· Technical Support.

A big thanks goes out to the Italian manufacturer ARCA as well as to our Industrial Solutions technical team who participated in the completion of the project.


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