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New Robotic Palletizing project for 3alfa!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Our engineers undertook the design, construction and commissioning of a fully automated robotic palletizing system for two production lines of the 3alfa’s factory, a leader in processing, packaging and distribution of pulses and rice in Greece.

The scope of the project was the handling of products from two production lines, the automatic palletizing for the simultaneous operation of both lines and the automatic stretch wrapping system for the pallets.

The system receives the products from the exits of the lines and, through special conveying and grouping systems, takes them to the pickup point by the robotic arm.

The robotic arm is equipped with a gripper, specially designed to handle carton boxes and display boxes at the same time and also receive the carton interlayers for placement between the layers of products.

The line also includes a fully automatic handling of empty and full pallets through a destacker for the uninterrupted feeding of empty pallets and a pallet shuttle roller conveyor that ensures the simultaneous operation of both production lines.

Special attention was paid by our engineering team to the safety systems of the line to ensure the compliance with the current CE-Machinery Directive regulations.

We thank our partner 3alfa – Afoi K. Karageorgiou for trusting us in their investment!


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