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Proud of Evripos Robotics' great distinction at the World Robot Olympiad 2022!

Great distinction for the Greek Robotics team from Chalkida, Evripos Robotics, which stood out at the 2022 World Robot Olympiad, held in Dortmund, Germany, emerging as the 1st force in Europe and the 5th worldwide in autonomous driving and artificial intelligence!

The reason for Thodoris Kapetanios, Charalambos and Konstantina Tsaroucha who, along with their coach, Mr. Theodoros Hasandras, represented our country worthily.

Evripos Robotics Team, as a member of the Greek mission, designed a "smart" car model, equipped with electromechanical components as well as programmed for autonomous driving on an obstacle course, leveraging the innovation of Artificial Intelligence.

We were very happy to support such an effort, helping these young scientists of Chalkida, to show their talent and realize what they love. Their passion, creativity and imagination inspire us & reinforce our continuous commitment to support educational initiatives that promote robotics, noble rivalry & competition.

Konstantina, Charalampos & Thodoris, you made us all very proud! Our warm congratulations and admiration!

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