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A successful first quarter for SABO Marine Services!

SABO Marine Services ended Q1 of 2023 having completed three back-to-back Drydockings of ME-C & ME-B engines.

SABO Marine Services’ squads of technicians successfully completed two back-to-back plus one more Drydocking of electronic engines within the Q1 of 2023.

Touring the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea (Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland), our technicians attended both ME-B and ME-C engines for their 5y planned DD Overhaul works.

The following scope of works was completed (depending on the type of Engine):

  • Consulting on the list of the required Spare Parts & providing the Spare Parts for one out of three Drydockings.

  • Preliminary M/E System Checks.

  • Inspection of Power and Signal cabling & Replacement of UPS batteries.

  • Marker/ Trigger Sensors’ Testing & Renewal.

  • Overhaul of M/E’s FOPB, EV-Actuators, ME-V Units, Lubricators, HCU & HPS Accumulators.

  • Replacement of ELFI/FIVA/HPS Proportional Valves.

  • Hydraulic Tests.

  • Sea Trials towards M/E’s Performance Tuning.

The above attendances were completed in a tight time schedule without compromising the quality of the services provided.

Furthermore, as we are entering Q2, two more Drydockings are planned to take place during the Easter period.

We would like to thank the Greek shipping community for trusting our Services!


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