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SABO Marine Services: Technical Solutions for Main Marine Engines!

A very demanding and busy month came to an end, while a new challenging period is rising.

So happy to share all the critical issues that we faced & successfully troubleshooted within the last month in our region concerning the engines of MAN B&W ME-C type:

  • Exhaust valve closing too fast inconsistent alarm in a 6G60ME-C

  • Illegal FIVA position in a 6S50ME-C

  • Exhaust valve closing position changed in a 7S80ME-C

  • Global parameters inconsistency in a 6S60ME-C

  • FIVA feedback signal failure in a 6S70ME-C

  • Alpha Lube MCU reprogramming in a 6S60MC-C

  • Starting issues in a 7S50ME-C

The advanced theoretical & practical background of our team on the MAN B&W Main Engines is the key element of SABO Marine Services’ remarkable success in the after-sales support.

Any technical inquiry or a performance issue with regards to the Main Engine?

We are here to support. Rely on the best partner!


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