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SABO: Memorandum of Cooperation in the 11th Arab-Hellenic Economic Forum!

The Greek SABO, always enjoying warm relations with the countries of the Middle East, shone with its presence at the 11th Arab-Hellenic Economic Forum "Greece & Arab World: Growing Ties", held on October 25th-26th in Athens. The opening ceremony was honored with the presence of Ministers and Government Officials as well as honorary Ambassadors.

The curtain of the event rose with a “Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)” signed between the President of SABO, Mr. Dimitris Kiliaris and Mr. Al Giburi, President of the two Iraqi constructing companies, Ard Al Manasek & AL QABAS. The two businessmen joined forces to build the largest and most modernized plant for producing Red Clay Bricks & Blocks in the region of Bagdat. SABO will be the key technology supplier for the construction of the new factory unit integrating all the advanced methods for the control of the production process as well as robotic handling and new management technologies.

The company is a shining example of an extroverted Greek company with a long-standing presence and more than 20 projects in the Arab Gulf countries as for the heavy clay sector. Company’s activity could be the springboard for further growing the ties of the Greek and Arab business communities and strengthening the investment flows between the two worlds, especially in the booming sectors of construction and new technologies.

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