SABO S.A. Provides Innovative Robotic Solutions

Industrial Solutions dpt. delivered last year more than 15 new robots in Greek industries.

The robotic systems are used in different kind of applications such as palletizing, handling, pick & place, case packing etc. providing a reliable and safe working environment.

SABO S.A. has been awarded from Fanuc as global robot partner and for more than 3 decades, supports the Greek industries in automating their production and use industrial robots for their processes.

The implementation of robots offers great benefits such us flexibility, cost reduction, high production speeds, reliability, accuracy, improved working conditions etc.

With more than 500 installed robots worldwide SABO S.A. is your best partner for your next steps in robotic industrial automation.

Upcoming projects for 2022 are on the road and the New Year seems more than promising with state-of-art applications to be completed in the coming months for Greece and abroad.