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Heavy Clay




SABO has completed a lot of turnkey plants in its 35 years of experience starting as early as 1993 with its first turnkey project. We can guide you through the whole process of implementing such an investment.

Business Planning

We can support you in structuring a business and financial plan and provide all important data and cost drivers of such an investment.

Raw material

This is the first step that will guide many of the important technical choices of the project. Experts are available to perform a geological study, mapping of the quarry, evaluation of the available clays and identifying the correct clay mix.



We collaborate with international banks and development organizations and we can support you in obtaining financing.

Local supplies

We can advise on the selection of local suppliers for materials that can be sourced locally. In such cases, we are also providing drawings and supervision for such supplies to ensure the success of the project.

Installation Services

& Project Management

We are collaborating closely to your engineers to set up a tight but feasible schedule that guides all involved teams. Our supervisor engineers coordinate our experienced assembling teams and local partners to ensure the proper outcome.

Technical support

in plant management

Our company can provide experts to support in the management of the factory especially during the first years of establishment. Training in key activities is also available both in our premises and at site.

Our Products

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