Heavy Clay


Wall Element


SABO is cooperating with Redblocsystems to manufacture, install and commission automatic lines for the production of prefabricated wall elements. The system works mainly with grinded clay blocks, but also with aerated concrete, silica blocks and other kinds of block.


The productivity of the lines is usually between 150.000 - 200.000 m² wall elements per year. The elements can have a max length of 5 to 8 meters, a max height of 3,5m and thickness ranging from 10-51 cm. We have a large experience of the necessary demands related to the prefabricated wall elements in many countries all over the world to guide you through the correct choices.

We can offer fully automatic versions or semi-automatic lines according to your budget. The semiautomatic lines can be offered with the possibility of a future upgrade to a fully automatic line.  The processing of architectural drawings and their transformation to wall- element drawings as well as machine code for the use at the main PLC of the line is done seamlessly through a special user-friendly software. 

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Our Products