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Heavy Clay


Rapid Dryer

SABO provides rapid dryers with suspended cars for a daily capacity of 250 to 1200 tons. Drying is usually completed between 2 to 4 hours. These dryers are common in Mediterranean countries for the production of light, high-perforation products. They are characterized by high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance, and low investment cost. The drying process is controlled by a state-of-the-art automatic regulation system which guarantees high quality.

Tunnel Dryer

SABO constructs a wide range of tunnel dryers from conventional ones to modern two-side-ventilated, multiple-zone dryers. These dryers are equipped with double or triple-impeller moving fans with or without a coupled conical fan. On certain cases rotating (stationary) conical fans can be used.

Apart from new dryers, SABO has reconstructed many existing tunnel dryers, thus upgrading their capacity and improving their efficiency and quality.

Chamber Dryer

We have implemented chamber dryers in different markets around the world. Drying is organized in independent chambers that allow a high level of flexibility. For this reason, they are recommended for tiles, special clay products and factories with a wide product range. They are regulated with a high level of process control that achieves an optimum drying curve per chamber and an exceptional quality of dried material.

Countercurrent Dryer

SABO “countercurrent dryer” is a hybrid dryer with a wide, medium-height gallery equipped with multiple recirculation systems at its roof. The combination of hot air supply and air recirculation allows a high level of multi-zone control. The dryer is able to dry the product following the optimum drying curve. It is recommended for medium sensitivity clays, and multi product applications.

High Efficiency Dryer

SABO developed and installed this innovative dryer to satisfy the ever-increasing need for low electric and thermal consumption. It is equipped with axial fans travelling small distances (zones). Each fan is specially designed to ensure that air is passing evenly through the dryer cars reaching every product.

The individual zones allow the independent control.  Temperature, humidity, weight and feeding rate are all monitored and controlled with precision to provide the optimum result.  It is recommended when the clay is sensitive, when several kinds of products are produced and when low consumptions and fast dry cycles are required.

Internal Ventilation-Double & Triple Fans

Double fans have two impellers ranging from 1300mm up to 1600mm diameter. Τhe metal body is made of galvanized steel. Triple ones range from 1300mm up to 1400mm diameter. Both types can be coupled with conical fans, to ensure an excellent air distribution and mixing. The impeller blades shape is determined by the required air flow and pressure characteristics for the dryer.

Internal Ventilation-Rotating Conical Fans

These fans have conical body made of inox or hot galvanized steel and an impeller horizontally positioned on their top. They have a single or double diaphragm for front or bilateral ventilation that ensures a homogeneous air distribution. They are either travelling or stationary. The latter ones are powered by a motor installed outside the dryer. They also oscillate with an angle that can vary at different degrees.

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