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Heavy Clay

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SABO provides kilns with capacities ranging between 100 to 1500 tons per day. The kiln structure is made either from traditional refractory bricks or from larger refractory elements. All top-quality refractory materials are appropriately selected according to the application. Main factors for our selection are the capacity, the types of products, the available fuel, and the clay characteristics. Our laboratory is providing all key clay and product parameters necessary for the correct firing.  


We provide expert builders to build the kiln.  Our experts train, supervise and work together with the local teams to complete the installation works.

For faster building and installation of the kiln structure, a specially developed system with large refractory elements is available.

Burners - SABO Gas Generator

SABO Gas Generator consists of a gas fired heat generator suitable for air-thread operation and an electro welded self-bearing sheet structure equipped with supporting devices, connecting flanges and picking up/lifting system. The burner combustion head is made of long-life modular elements with high thermal efficiency.

Burners - SABO Jet Gas Burner

SABO Jet is a high-speed burner for natural gas or L.P.G. It is designed mainly as a side burner for the preheating zone, but can be used for the main firing zone of side-fired kilns too. It is manufactured of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and silicon carbide. With its high speed and turbulence, it gives energy at crucial points of the preheating zone. Standard features: flame control, safety ramp and regulation like the prefire model.

Burners - SABO Mix Gas Burner

SABO Mix is the main burner type used in the firing zone. It is installed on the roof of the kiln to supply fire in the tunnel and keep the temperature at the set point. Due to the high temperature in the firing zone Sabo mix injectors are manufactured by stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Burners -  SABO Prefire Gas Burner

It is a gas burner which is installed on the roof of the tunnel kiln and is designed to supply fire in order to increase the temperature of the preheating zone. It is critical for the preheating zone as well as for the start-up of the kiln. Its main feature is the ignition and flame control even in ambient temperature.

Burners - SABO Heavy-oil Hot-air Generator

The diesel hot-air generator consists of the heat exchanger unit, which is constructed from a stainless-steel internal chamber, the gas pipes and the outer casing. The gases generated at the chamber, travel through the pipe system, before they are extracted through the exhaust. The warm air does not come in contact with the exhaust gases, but rather circulates around the pipes and the combustion chamber and is eventually preheated.

Burners - SABO OMS 1/A Heavy Oil Burner

SABO OMS 1/A is a firing system which injects heavy oil with pulses at high pressure. Each unit can have 6 to 14 injectors. This type is equipped with one motor working with a gear box, operated by a knob.

Burners - SABO OMS 3/A Heavy oil burner

SABO OMS 3/A is a continuous burner. Each unit varies from 6 to 14 injectors and is equipped with fuel pump, distributor and a high-pressure ventilator. It is designed with an adjustable fuel quantity. Fuel adjustment is volumetric, something exclusive to SABO OMS burners. The supply of air is controlled by a servo-controlled damper. Further regulation can be achieved at each firing injector separately via butterfly valves.

Burners-SABO Solid-fuel firing system for micronized coal or pet coke

We can supply different solutions and installations as well as drying and crushing lines for solid fuel preparation. Pet coke is one of the most common solid fuels, but others can be utilized in our solid-fuel firing systems. There are options for lines composed of stand-alone rack systems or complete lines with centralized pneumatic fuel distribution.


The stand-alone system comes in two versions, one for granulated material with an embedded rotary hammer mill and one for already pulverized material. With the in-built distributor the machine can supply 5-12 kgh of fuel per hour. Automatic feeding hopper and valve allow for its fully automatic operation and regulation.

Automatic Regulation System

SABO proprietary automatic kiln and dryer regulation system is effective and flexible. All equipment is automatically adjusted to the current needs and conditions of the production. Algorithms and programs have been developed after being tested through many installations and projects and incorporate the latest methods of efficient kiln and dryer control. Such systems have been also implemented on old installations having a significant energy reduction and a positive effect on product quality.

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