Heavy Clay



Designed to cut vertically even in high speeds with a special coupling system between the slug movement and the cutting mechanism; this helps to minimize the side waste material. Usual options: automatic detection for cutting breakage, coated rollers, side and top slug alignment rollers, pneumatically lifting of the entrance belt for easy access to the die.

Line Multiwire Cutters

Conventional cutter with rollers, ideal for one or two different cutting lengths. The machine comes with one or two cutting mechanisms depending on the cutting speed and capacity. There are available versions for transporting the slug on belts as well as fast change of the cutting length.  Other Features and options: automatic detection for wire break, coated rollers, automatic wire advancing systems, programmable half cut.

Integrated Cutters

Multiwire cutter with vertical movement for the cut that is integrated in the programming bench. This option ensures minimum deformation of the wet material due to lifting supports during the cut and absence of rollers for the transport. Standard and optional features are the same as the in-line multiwire cutter. It can also be equipped with wire cleaning mechanism as optional equipment.

Push-through Cutters

This versatile cutter is suitable for either small bricks or blocks. It is particularly effective for bricks of smaller cut size. The cutting is done through a pushing system. The material is moved sideways on rollers or belts and at the same time is pushed through inclined wires. During the cut the wires are making a small up-down move to facilitate the cut.

Lift-up Cutters with Chamfering

Multiwire cutter is suitable for facing bricks and pavers. Performs chamfering in all four sides through special plastic notching disks. The chamfering on the top and under side is performed, while the slug is pushed on the cutting table. Bricks are then cut and chamfered on the two other sides when the cutting table is lifted upwards. The pieces are delivered at the exit by a second pusher.

Electronic Cutters

It is suitable for small bricks and large blocks. The cutting is done synchronously to the extruded slug. Two independent servomotors perform the movement of the carriage and the vertical move of the wires. It is valuable in factories with a wide range of products thanks to the easy change of the cutting length. Moreover, it ensures a simplified layout, minimum use of space and minimum deformations.

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